GSoC’19: Week-12 – The Final wrap-up

This was the last week of the coding period. With not much of work left, the goal was to wrap-up the PR’s.

The week started with the merge of  PR #17001 which implemented a method cut_section() in the polygon class, in order to get two new polygons when a polygon is cut via a line. After this a new method first_moment_of_area() was added in PR #17153. This method used cut_section() for its implementation. Tests for the same were added in this PR. Also the existing documentation was improved. I also renamed the polar_modulus() function to polar_second_moment_of_area() which was a more general term as compared to the previous name. This PR also got merged later on.

Now, we are left with two more PR’s to go. PR #17122 (Column Buckling) and PR #17345 (Beam diagram). The column buckling probably requires a little more documentation. I will surely look into it and add some more explanations and references to it. Also, the beam diagram PR has been completed and documented. A few more discussions to be done on its working and we will be ready with it.

I believe that by the end of this week both of these will finally get a merge.

Another task that remains is the implementation of the Truss class. Some rigorous debate and discussion is still needed to be done before we start its implementation. Once we agree on the implementation needs and API it won’t be a difficult task to write it through.

Also, since the final evaluations have started I will be writing the project report which I have to submit before the next week ends.

Since officially the coding period ends here, there would be no ToDo’s for the next week, just the final wrapping up and will surely try to complete the work that is still left.

Will keep you updated!


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