GSoC’19: Week-9- Analyzing the draw() function

With the end of this week the third phase officially ends.

There has been some discussions in the PR #17240 which implements the draw() function. We might change the name of the function to plot() which is more consistent with the previous beam methods plot_shear_force(), plot_bending_moment(), etc.

Another discussion was about making this beam diagram a part of the plot_loading_results(), which basically intends to plot all the beam related plots. Although currently the beam diagram uses matplotlib as an external module, whereas the plot_loading_results() uses PlotGrid which is Sympy’s internal functionality. So it would be a bit tricky to merge those two.

We also discussed the idea or rather the possibility of directly making use of SymPy’s own plot to create a beam diagram. SymPy’s plot() is capable to plotting Singularity functions, so the load applied on the beam can also be plotted using sympy.plot() as beam.load is indeed in terms of singularity function. But there is a problem when it comes to point loads and moment loads as the are in terms singularity function of negative order (or exponent). Not sure whether the sympy plot for singularity functions of negative order is plotted correctly, but the current plot won’t help us in drawing point loads and moment loads. We might have to deal with it separately.

I have opened a discussion in the mailing list regarding whether the plot is correct for singularity functions of negative order, or what else should be done in order to get it corrected.

Also, it will be difficult to plot a rectangle (for making beam) and markers (for making supports) via sympy.plot(). One idea is to go with the _backend attribute of sympy.plot() which helps in directly using the backend (i.e. matplotlib backend). I will have a look over it.

Of course if the beam diagram is made using SymPy’s own plot it would surely be preferred but for that we also need work on sympy.plot() as currently it is limited to certain functionalities.

From the next week I will be starting with the last phase of implementing a Truss structure and its respective calculations.

Since only last few weeks are left, I think I will be able to make a draft PR for the last phase implementation by the end of the next week. And then we would only be left with minor things and leftovers of the previous phases.

Also, I am glad to share that I was able to pass the second evaluations. So once again thank you mentors for all your support and guidance!

Next Week:

  • Starting phase-IV  implementations
  • Simultaneously working and discussing previous PR’s.

Will keep you updated!


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