GSoC’19: Week-7- Starting with the phase-III draw() function

The week was successfully completed as planned. The work on Column class has been completed.

The documentation and tests have been written and with some changes in the solve_slope_deflection() and critical_load(), the Column class is now able to handle cases with trivial solutions of the constants ( C1 & C2) which made the deflection equation zero.

Apart from this, another problem that we had with the pinned-fixed end condition, where solve() wasn’t giving the output in the required form, has temporary been handled by making an XFAIL test against it. We can work on it later. Either there has to be some changes in solve() so that we would be able to handle our case or we might have to figure out a way to rewrite it into the desired form.

With the end of this week, PR #17122 and PR #17153 are complete and ready for review. I have made some changes addressing some of the reviews, and we can have further discussions on it.

Now, also moving on to the next phase, I have done a bit of research on it. I will most probably open a discussion to have an initial discussion regarding how work will progress in this stage. This phase is regarding plotting the beam diagrams using matplotlib. I have also considered pyglet plotting module of SymPy, which according to the documentation is capable of plotting geometries, but there has been some problems in this module and it doesn’t seem to be working well. I had earlier made an issue #16537 regarding the same, but there seems to be no improvement here.

So, we will be discussing the rest in an issue-cum-discussion, in the upcoming week.

Next week:

  • Working on the Stage-III
  • Simultaneously, discussing the leftover PR’s and trying to finish them and make a merge.

Most probably, on successful discussion and planning, I will be opening a draft work-in-progress PR for the draw() function in stage –III.

Will keep you updated!


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