GSoC’19: Week-4-Starting with Column Buckling implementation

Finalizing what had been discussed in PR #16964 for integrating geometry module with the beam module, PR #17055 was opened which is now ready to go!

There is no special function for defining the cross-section of a Beam object. A user can simply pass the geometry object as a parameter instead of the second_moment, and the corresponding second moment would be calculated internally. The example below might explain this better:

>>> b = Beam(l, E, Circle((0, 0), r))

>>> b.second_moment


>>> b.cross_section

Circle(Point2D(0, 0), r)

Further, the cross_section attribute can be changed even after the beam is created. Every time the cross_section is assigned a new value, the second_moment gets automatically updated.

Similarly, every time the user changes the second_moment explicitly after the creation of the beam, the previous cross_section gets destroyed, or in other words, the cross_section is set to None.

>>> b = Beam(l, E, Circle((0, 0), r))

>>> I  = Symbol(‘I’)

>>> b.second_moment = I

>>> b.cross_section


>>> b.second_moment = Polygon((0, 0), (a, 0), (a, b), (0, b))

ValueError: To update cross-section geometry use `cross_section` attribute

The PR is complete and just needs the final approval from the mentors.

Simultaneously, I had worked on the column buckling calculations which is a part of the stage –II.

I have opened an issue-cum-discussion for discussing its API and further implementations.

Since the calculations of the Column Buckling are very much different from those of beam bending, we will have to make a separate class Column. The basic API and the way the calculations are supposed to go can be seen from the stage –II in the proposal.

I would be making a PR for column buckling calculations within a day or two, once some initial questions (as mentioned in the issue-cum-discussion) gets clarified.

Next Week:

  • Finalizing the basic API and implementations of Column class
  • Making a PR for the above implementations
  • Documentation and testing

Will keep you updated!



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